Wicked Wednesday – One Cole the Dane + One We Vibe Salsa = Orgasms

DSC00150Last night, I was granted permission to have an orgasm. Usually I am denied orgasms during menstruation, however, Daddy could tell I needed to relieve frustration that only an orgasm would do.

After the house was settled, I walked into the bedroom to grab my favorite clit vibe, the We vibe Salsa. When I reached for my Salsa, I saw purple tissue paper. This reminded me about the plushy Cole the Dane. I squealed as I entered the bathroom to start the shower.

I reached over to adjust the temperature just right. Not too cold; not too hot. I stepped in and begun to rise the days frustration away. The warm water run down my body along with the days sweat helping my body feel the state of relaxation.

I reached over and pulled Cole off the wall. He was so soft and squishy. I couldn’t help, but stuff him down my throat. I kept going deeper and deeper until I was drooling down my chest. The plushy silicone brought desire to my flesh as I ran it down my chest. Then smacking my breast with it.

I slide him down. Spreading open my labia to feel the warmth of my cunt. She was awake, but not ready for penetration, yet. Cole needed to tease me. I squatted and begun to smack my clit around with Cole. Then rubbing my fingers on my clit. Switching back and forth until reaching for Salsa.

A click of the Salsa, and then placed directly on my clit. I begun to swirl the Salsa around looking for that…Ohh!

That spot.

I pressed the Salsa down as hard as I could. My clit was throbbing from the vibrations.

Finally, I was moist enough to slip Cole inside. At first only able to take on the first few inches, but slowly, I was able to work in more.

Cole was so squishy and plush that contracting my muscles only made it more delightful. The girth was so filling, especially the knot.

As I begun to get a kink in my hip, I suctioned Cole to floor of the shower. I got on top of him bouncing as much as I could. Meanwhile, my hands working on clitoral stimulation. One spreading open my labia and the other pushing Salsa down until…

I came. My vaginal muscles contracted so much that Cole was no longer inside me.

I reached up to turn the hot water up as the water hand begun to get cold on me. Then I laid on my back.

The water dropping down on my cunt, made me go for round to. Laying under the water, it was running down my stomach. The water was so warm. Each droplet making my body burn with desire. Desire for Cole. I stuffed Cole in as much as I could. Clasp down with my muscles, holding him in place. Spread open my labia to make room for Salsa. The water still beating on my cunt, helping to create warmth and desire. The Salsa on its highest setting swirling around my clit. Trying to find the right spot. As soon as I find it, my back arches as my body is flushed with and orgasmic feeling.

I begun to bite my lip. Rolling my eyes back into my head. Pushing Salsa down harder and harder. Squeezing my vaginal muscles to wrap around Cole, until… I’m rushed with the feeling like I am going to cum. My clit throbs and my body jerks as I shot Cole out and moan in delight.

One Cole the Dane + One We Vibe Salsa = Orgasms.
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