Tonight, I’m going to make you beg.

Tonight, you are going to feel things like never before.

Tonight, I’m going to abuse you.

Tonight, you are going to plead for more.

Tonight, I’m going shopping for a special gift.

Tonight, you are going to do as I wish.

Tonight, I’m going to make you cum.

Tonight, you are going to eat my cum.

Tonight, I’m going to claim what’s mine.

Tonight, you are going to be mine.


Figging is something that has been on my “to do” list for some time now. So, when Kink of the Week announced that figging was this weeks prompt – I was excited.

Whenever I’m in the produce section of the store – I can’t help but giggle. I’ve never used any fruit or veggies to get off with, but I’ve seen plenty of this online. Every time I pick out a cucumber – Daddy laughs at me. We end up giggling for the next 3 aisles.


Perhaps, but at least we have a good time together.

So, when I was actually in the produce section picking out some Ginger root – I made the comment “I’ll never look at the produce section again. Instead it’ll be like the “toy” store.”

Once I got home, I looked online to see how most people cut it. I noticed that most just crave a butt plug out of the entire piece. To me this DSC01324seemed like a waste. Then I remembered someone mentioning on twitter about their cutting method.

They cut a piece into a cube. Then took a needle and thread to the piece to have a retrieval cord. I decided that this was the method I would use.  Now, this isn’t the safest method for anal as the piece could easily slide up inside. Making it hard to remove. So, it’s only a good method for vaginal insertion. For anal insertion, I recommend doing to butt plug craving method.

I slide the piece inside my pussy while Daddy fucked me in the ass. I had my favorite clit vibe in use as well.

To me, it felt similar to dumping peroxide on an open wound. I didn’t find it too intense. I found it rather awesome. I know I squirted more than 5 times that night.

Once Daddy was finished. He went out to the kitchen to have his usual smoke. I decided that I needed to try it anally.

Wow. That was intense. Way more intense than vaginally. I did not enjoying having ginger root in my ass. It burned like getting Icy Hot (that blue medicated gel stuff for sore muscles) down there. I took the ginger root out within the first minute.

Maybe I’ll try figging anally another day. Maybe I won’t. However, I’m glad I can now check off figging and add it to my list of Kinks.

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