Sinful Sunday – The Best Seat In the House


Sitting on his face is always picking the best seat in the house.

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Sinful Sunday

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  1. Bunny

    Amen to that one girly. Didn’t get to sit there on this past visit to my kitty but next time definitely.

  2. Daaaaamn, girl! Who took that pic is what I wanna know!

    • Sadly no one! I wish we had someone, but we set it up on the computer tower and used the timer. 10 seconds is what wer had to get into position. No easy!

  3. Shadowed Seductress

    Such a beautiful image. I think the rest of us have the best view. Wouldn’t mind a more up close and personal view, though;)

  4. yup…looks like you found the best seat…hope you enjoy sitting there. *wink*

  5. Sexy and playful image! I love the peek of your fish-netted feet :)

  6. johndstories

    Ahhh I LOVE doing oral like this. Alas wifey is not so keen. :(

    He is a VERY lucky gentleman.

  7. Chintz Curtain

    Gorgeous, Beck. This is such a sexy, sensual shot of the two of you. Love. Jane xxx

    • Thank you. It’s not easy to get an image set up to get both of us. An extra set of hands would be great, but a tripod has to do for now.

  8. Mia's Musings

    Fabulous image!!

  9. KaziGrrl

    Certainly looks that way to me :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  10. Naked Cyclist

    Love this position, and what a great performance

    O x

  11. SH says you’ve caused another reaction. ;)Sadly, we can’t manage this position at all any more. :(

  12. Jade

    I love the stocking foot…

  13. cammies on the floor

    My favorite activity

  14. Perfect seat! I don’t know who is the luckiest here in this picture! I really struggle with this position (Chronic pain condition) but when I manage it….oh my! This is one of my partners favourite activities. (Can’t say I complain either!)

    • You can never complain about this activity! It’s the best! Such a shame you can’t always manage this position. It’s one of the few we regularly do because of my partners chronic pain condition.

  15. Molly

    Oh I don’t know I kind of feel like I have the best view in the house right now ;)


  16. Angel

    You sure know how to pick them ;) great photo love that you and your Daddy aren’t shy people.

    • Actually, I am. For some reason, I am not when it comes to my blog images. I’m very shy in person and not that confident either. However, I feel much more relaxed posting images of myself on here. I didn’t use to feel good about taking images. Sinful Sunday has really help me grow to love myself a lot more and help build confidence.

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