Rabbit vibrators can be a royal pain in the ass. Seriously! You can purchase one you lusted after for so long and be heartbroken when it doesn’t fit just right.

Why doesn’t it fit?

Well, usually the clitoral attachment doesn’t align with your clitoris. Sometimes it’s not long enough. Sometimes it doesn’t flex enough. And other times it too long. It doesn’t matter what the reason is…the rabbit just doesn’t fit your anatomy.

When rabbit toys are measured, usually only the insertable portion is given. This is very bad for those trying to pick a rabbit that will be a good fit for their body. Because you end up with results like Molly.

Doesn’t fit properly


Fits Properly


When you measure a rabbit vibrator you should always measure the shaft, the flexibility angle of the attachment, and the length of the attachment.

Measuring the arm should be the underside of the arm. If you measure the Lengthsoutside of the arm…you’ll have a longer length than the inside. The inside measurement is the accurate measurement.

Measuring the insertable portion of the shaft is easy. You can’t insert too much past the clitoral arm. So, where the arm meets the shaft up to the tip is the insertable length!

Measuring the flexibility can be difficult. Not all toys flex. First thing is first – you are measuring an angle. Therefore, you must use a protractor! You must measure it without flexing it. This is so you can get the flexibility range. You want to use the points of the inside as the lines for the angle. After that you flex the arm to the max and measure that.


 Now what?

You now need to know how to measure yourself. Measuring your body isn’t as complicated as it might sound.

What you need…

  • Fabric Ruler
  • Protractor
  • Two toys (One dildo and one bullet)

The first measurement is easy. Your internal length. For the most part – ladies aren’t aroused enough to insert much girth. That is great when you are measuring for a rabbit because they only allow you to insert up to the arm anyhow. Take that dildo and insert it until you reach the top of your vagina. Be sure you aren’t hitting any uncomfortable spots. If you are move down slightly. Wrap your hand around the dildo and remove it to measure your length. This will be the insertable length you need to have the most ideal rabbit for your body.

Next, you want to measure your angle. Insert the dildo and hold it. Take the bullet and branch it off your dildo aligning it with your clit. Hold it very still – or you can tape it – as you remove it. Measure the angle you have a on protractor. This will be the angle measurement you will be looking for in the flexibility of the potential rabbit.

Final measurement is extremely simple. You must measure the distance from the clit to the urethra. Now, you are probably asking why it’s the urethra and not the vaginal opening, right? Well, when you insert a rabbit – where does the attachment meet the shaft  on your body? It’s the urethra. Therefore, it makes sense that you measure to the urethra. This will end up being the approximate length you need for the attachment.

If you are curious about knowing how your spacing compares to other ladies – head over to that forum that is dust in the wind to see. And there is also an interesting study about this as well.

I hope I have helped some of you figure this out. I know my methods aren’t fool-proof, but they should help you make better buys when it comes to rabbit vibrators. If anyone has questions – feel free to ask. I will do my best to answer the best I can.

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