She had worked hard all day and didn’t feel like taking a shower. Her hair was a mess. Her makeup was smeared. She didn’t care. She slipped into something more comfortable and headed for the kitchen to get a bowl of ice cream. There was some Rocky Road still left over.

She sat in the living room with a bowl of ice cream. The husband had called to say that he’d be working late. She didn’t mind. It’s not like he liked watching reruns and eating ice cream. Plus, it had been a long time since she had alone time.

Skipping from channel to channel, she couldn’t seem to find anything that caught her attention until she heard keys turning the door handle.

“Who could that be?” she thought to herself as she walked toward the door.

It opened and a man was standing there. She was frighten! He was wearing a black hood. No eye holes. Just a zipper over his mouth.

She stood shocked with fear until a familiar voice spoke to her…

“take your clothes off.”

It was her husband. “What are you doing, Louis?”

He walked over to her and grabbed her by the neck. Pushing her up against the wall. “I said take off your clothes.”

Her heart was pounding as she began to unbutton her top. His hand still around her neck. His other hand slide down into her pants.

She wasn’t wearing any underwear. He felt her moist pussy and began to rub her clit as she removed her pants.

He leaned closer into her. Panting, almost like an animal, as he continued to rub her clit. She could feel him grow harder and harder. And then he stopped, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her into the bedroom. Swinging her onto the bed.

He stood before her removing his pants before climbing on top of her and penetrating her.

She gasped as he entered her body and his hands wrapped around her neck.

“You are mine. Mine to use as I please. You dirty whore.” he said as he continued to fuck her harder and harder.

She couldn’t speak because she couldn’t catch her breath very well.

“You can’t breath until I say.”

Her pussy was so wet. Her vision was foggy, but she was excited and extremely aroused. Her nipples even grew harder without any stimulation.

And then he let go. She could breath. He saw the excitement in her nipples and unzipped his mask so he could bite them.

She screamed with delight. He moaned. Drawing closer to orgasm until he couldn’t hold it any longer. Spilling his seed inside of her.

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