After long discussions, he finally agreed to try what she was asking. At first, he thought it emasculated him to engage in such activities, but he could tell this was something she really wanted to do.

He didn’t tell her he’d made up his mind instead her surprised her that night with a gift.

Unwrapping the package she began to smell a familiar and delightful scent. It was the fresh smell of leather. As confused and teased by the smell, she continued to unwrap the package until she pulled out a black leather harness.

She smiled. Jumping up and pulling off her pants to try it on. The leather was smooth and comfortable on her skin. She tightened the straps around her thighs and then her waist. Cupping her ass with those leather straps.

He mumbled…”I get to pick the attachment.”

She nodded as she laid back on the bed. Sliding her hand down her body. Touching the harness. Loving the feeling of the leather on her skin.

He walked over to her with a smaller purple dildo. It wasn’t the one she would have picked out, but it wasn’t going in her ass, so she reached up and took it out of his hands. As she slide it into place – he undressed.

When he laid down next to her – she comforted him. Reassuring him that they could stop at any time.

He nodded as he assumed doggy style position.

She reached for the bottle of lube. Applying some to her cock. Gitty like a school girl about stroking it. She drizzled some on him before sliding it inside him.

He took a deep breath and she stopped. Asking him “are you okay?”

He nodded that he was fine.

She continued. Slowly thrusting in and out of him. Her pussy was wet. She’d never been this turned on before.

Soon he was growing hard. He was enjoying himself – even moaning in delight.

And then she stopped. Telling him “Stand up!”

When he stood, she knelt beneath him. His cock in her face.

She took him into her mouth. As deep as she could. Sucking him. Licking him. Pleasuring him until he came inside of her mouth.

She looked at him and said…”I’m your Bitch and I’m here to serve you, Sir.”

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