He wanted to make her squirm like never before. The weather outside was freezing. He sat at the window watching the snow flakes fall. This gave him a wicked idea.

He walked into the bedroom and pulled out her box of glass dildos. She owned many of them. Some riddled in texture and some for anal and some curved to reach her G-spot. The choices were endless. The more he thought about it, he knew the curves and textured ones weren’t what he wanted. Finally, he pulled out this beautiful black piece that had 4 ripples, but otherwise was completely smooth.

“This is the one” he thought to himself.

She had been washing up the dishes after they had super while he picked out her toy. She wondered what he was doing, but she dare not ask. After finishing the dishes, she headed for the shower.

Meanwhile, he had placed her toy outside and buried it in the snow. Afterwards frantically searching for their crop.

He heard the shower stop so walked into the bathroom with rope in his hands.

She smiled and put her hands behind her back for him to tie her.

He tied her arms and walked her over to the bed to tie up her feet. Then he blindfolded her. “Roll over and lay on your stomach and bend your knees, whore” he said as he walked out of the room. Continuing telling her “I better be able to see that cunt!”

She heard the front door open and close. This grew her excitement. “Why would he need to go outside? What was waiting outside for her or him?”

When he walked back into the room, he crawled onto the bed behind. Grabbing at her ass and pulling her cheeks apart to expose that pretty pink pussy he loved so much. He spit on his hand and rubbed it lightly. She was already soaking wet.

He shoved that freezing cold dildo deep within her cunt.

Her body squirmed and she yelled. The cold from the dildo shot shivers all up her body and made her nipples grow hard.

He thrusted it inside her. Angling it so it rubbed her G-spot.

He reached over her with his other hand. She cold feel the movement of something else as he brought the object closer to himself.

She felt him stand up slightly.

He continued to thrust the dildo inside of her, but slowed down.

He had stood up to get a better view and….


She squirmed all over the place. Moaning and stunned.

“Whack! Whack! Whack!”

Her pussy juice poured all over the end of that crop as he kept smacking her clit with it.

Finally, she gushed all over him. Her pussy muscles got so tight that she shot the dildo out.

Her body was so exhausted she struggled to catch her breath.

“We are just getting started her, whore. I haven’t got to use you, yet.” He chuckled.

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