Her mouth was full of his erect cock. She swirled her tongue around and sucked on him as her grew harder in her mouth. She only paused to admire the beauty of his cock in her face.

He was relaxed on the bed. Enjoying a cigarette.

Usually she couldn’t handle the smell of smoke, but she wanted to taste his cum and she had to have it now.

She cupped his balls as she sucked and twisted her tongue around his cock. She could hear him breathing and making sounds of enjoyment, which made her pussy trickle with juice and her speed increased.

He moved his hand up on the back of her head. Pushing her head down so she could take more of his cock.

As her throat relaxed and she took him all in, he pushed down harder. Making her take more than enough.

He grip got firmer and she could tell he was about the cum and his cock started to throb. Pumping cum deep within her throat. She pulled her head up so she could feel his cum on her tongue. She wanted to taste every last drop.

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