CHRISTMASBJI’ve never been a fan of the holidays. Sure, I like to spend time with the family, but the holiday season annoys the fuck out of me. The crowds that surround the store of people lining up buying things they really can’t afford, Santa Claus, the music, all the damn lights – it all annoys me. I’m not sure why and yes, I do sound like Scrooge, but I’m being honest. I’m not really sure where my hatred for the season comes from, but it runs deep. Probably from having to spend time as a child with the people I hated the most – my grandparents.

Daddy has never been much of a gift guy, but when the holiday season comes around – I always get one good gift for my birthday/Christmas since my birthday is the in beginning of December.

Last year, I got a ring. This year all I wanted was a sex toy that otherwise, we couldn’t afford. A friend had made me an offer to purchase it with some of their left over gift cards in exchange for cash that was less than half price. And sure enough he got me the one thing I asked for.

Later on that night we headed for bed. I walked in the door behind him like a good bitch should. Closed the bedroom door. As he went to change his pants into his night shorts, I crawled over to him and cupped his balls and I licked them.

His cock started to twitch as I licked the head. He grew harder in my face and I took him inside my mouth.

Licking down the shaft and swirling my tongue on his head and inside his urethra.

He tasted somewhat salty from the days sweat, but I didn’t mind. It’s the man smell and I like that very much.

His hand gripped my ponytail as I pushed his cock back into my mouth. He pushed my head down making me take more of him than I could handle.

I gagged and spit all over his cock.

I could hear his making subtle sounds as I continued sucking his cock. Wiggling my tongue inside my mouth while he was inside my mouth.

I continued to use my hands to cup his balls. Rubbing them so lightly. Pushing them closer to my mouth.

If I could have taken them inside my mouth with his cock – I would have!

His moans drew closer to orgasm and I could feel the pulsing of his cum working up his cock as it spilled all over my tongue. My head was tilted back with my tongue hanging out of my mouth. Cum ran down my chin and even landed on my nose. His hand grabbed my face and scoped up every bit of cum as he stuff his fingers down my throat before pulling me up to him for a kiss.

Sex toys and facials are just one of the ways to spread Christmas cheer. What did you do?

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