It was mid-July of my teen age years. I was only a mere 15. I had blossomed into a young lady a few years ago, but my childness had finally faded. I started to get the attention from older men.

That year, my father was working on a lot of cars to help make ends meet. One day he brought over a friend from work to help.

The friend had a young son that I was instructed to watch. I naturally agreed to help my father, but also because this friend catch my attention.

He wasn’t super tall. In fact, he wasn’t much taller than I am. He had dark hair with dark eyes. On his body he had a few random tattoos. He wore a hat, blue jeans, and a T-shirt.

I noticed his hands as he handed me over the boy. They were dirty. Even his nails from working. You could even see the old grease stains on his shirt.

He smelled so nice. A lovely mix of musk and automotive oil. You know, a mans man smell.

After lunch, I took the boy out for a walk around the pond. Mostly because I wanted to see how much longer they were going to be in the garage.

Walking by the open garage door I could see him without a shirt on. I remember thinking “Damnnnn…” when I saw him.

He had only a tiny amount of stomach hair leading down his pants. I envisioned myself licking down his chest until I found his soft cock. Sliding it into my mouth and sucking on it while he pushed the back of my bed.

My knees in the gravel and sore from the motion, but not stopping until his cum filled my mouth.

Mmmm…. I thought to myself as I walked closer to them.

My father said that it would be awhile longer, so I walked back inside.

I couldn’t get the vision of him painting his red Ford Mustang without a shirt out of my head. I still can’t to this day.

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