Daddy enjoys his beer or whiskey. Sometimes he has too many and has a “hard” time. One thing I can always count on is his mouth always being willing to take care of me. One of my favorite qualities about him.

DSC02096He eagerly licks my pussy and sucks my vulva until I cum all over his face. Sometimes it’s harder than usual for me to actually cum because I desire penetration. His fingers are truly magical when they slide into my pussy.

Usually I can only handle one of his fingers at first. I love the look on his face when he watches his finger slide in me. His jaw drops and he makes a noise as if it were his cock inside me.

His finger  knows exactly the best place to rub. He firmly presses on my g-spot while he sucks on my clit. As soon as I feel the warmth of his mouth on my clit while his fingers are inside me; my body floods with warmth and goosebumps. My nipples get so erect they almost hurt.

When he sees that my nipples have peaked and wrinkled; he pulls on them as he continues to lick and suck on my clit with his fingers inside me. At this point, the wetness from my pussy has already run down onto the bed and is all over his hand.

He pauses to reach up and rub my juice all over my face and stuff his fingers in my mouth then back to my pussy… only to repeat a few times until he wants to taste more of me. Only this time he lays his tongue flat on my clit and rubs his tongue firmly until I cum down his throat. This time I’ve actually achieved more than a gush.

He grabs the back of my neck to pull me close to him. Rubbing his moist face all over mine. I open my mouth and lick his face clean. He makes growling noises until he kissed me. A really wet and deep kiss.

While kissing me his fingers go back into my pussy. He bites on my lip telling me “cum on my hand, bitch.” Just hearing him talk like that makes me gush a little more. He’s not satisfied with that gush though. He keeps begging me to cum and finally I do all down his arm and he feeds it to me. Telling me I am a good girl.

By this time, I am exhausted. I can’t cum again. My body is begging for sleep. He can tell I’ve reached my limit and he gets up to go have a cigar. I lay on the bed, in my wet spot, light-headed and dizzy from cumming for him. Once the light-headedness and spots go away, I try to stand. I almost fall over on my way to the bathroom to dry off.


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