We’ve been driving for what seemed to be forever when we finally see a sign. I look at him driving and said “are we lost? I’ve never seen the town of Cool before? You took a wrong turn somewhere didn’t you?”

He replied “I don’t think I did, but I am so tired. Let’s see if we can find a motel with wi-fi and figure out where we are.”

I nodded and agreed. I was exhausted and ready to take a bath and relax into a nice warm bed next to him. I packed something special to wear for our trip.

We pulled up to this small building with a vacancy sign in the front. It was one of those older places with only a few rooms. The lights were on in the office.

He looked at me and said “I’ll go inside and get our room. You wait here.”

I stared out the window looking around to see if there was anywhere to get some food near by, but there was nothing but abandoned buildings. And then it started to rain.

James come running up to the truck to jump inside saying “We have room 6. Grab everything you can and prepare to run. It’s really pouring out there.”

I grabbed everything I could. Took a deep breath, opened the truck door, and ran out as quickly as possible.

James fumbled to get the key into the door, but with a jiggle and a hard push finally the door was open. We both hurried into the door.

The power flickered as we turned on the lights and the TV. Cycling through all the channels the only thing I could find to watch was the weather.

James asked “are you hungry? I asked the motel clerk if there was any place to eat around here this late and he mentioned a 24 hour diner up the street.”

“Yes, I am hungry, but right now… I just want to take a shower.”

“You take the shower and I will be right back with something.” He kissed me goodbye and walked out the door.

I walked over to the door and locked it behind him. The room was very plain and had decor from the 60’s. I walked into the bathroom to find clean towels on the counter. I closed the door and turned on the shower.

The shower head made this loud noise that sounded as if it were shaking the pipes inside the walls. I undressed and stood in the water. The days dirt running down my body. The water felt warm and relaxing aside from that awful noise. I had forgotten to pack soap and shampoo, so I had to use those tiny bottles on the counter. At least they smelt good.

Once I was thoroughly rinsed, I shut off the water and grabbed the towel. I heard a knock on the door, so I quickly grabbed my nightgown and robe to dressed. I opened the door and James came rushing inside.

He was carrying two take out boxes and some soft drinks.

“I just got us some cheeseburgers.”

“That’s fine. I am starved.”

We sat together watching the TV while we ate. He finished before I, so he went to take a shower. Again with that awful noise. At least James was always fast at taking a shower.

I cleaned up our take out boxes, removed my robe, and laid on the bed waiting for him to come out after I heard the noise stop.

He opened the door and came out naked. You could still see the water dripping down his body. He walked over to the bed to lay next to me.

We kissed and he pulled that nightgown right off my body. His kisses moved from my lips to down my neck, shoulders, stomach, and thighs. Stopping only to lick around my navel and then my clit.

His beard was pokey and it tickled, but his warm tongue brought me to orgasm multiple times before I couldn’t take the tickling any longer.

He climbed on top of me and thrusted his cock inside me. My whole body quivered with every thrust. He kissed my lips and nibbled on my neck while he was inside me.

I could feel his balls smacking my bottom while he thrusted inside me. Slow at first, but faster as he drew closer to climax.

When he came, I could feel each pump inside me and the warm fluid rushing outside of my body.

I stood up to find my nightgown. I couldn’t find it. “Huh?! Where did you throw my nightgown?” I asked as I picked up the covers searching for my garment.

“I am not sure. Did it go under the bed?”

I got down on my knees and looked under the bed. I couldn’t see anything, so I reached under the bed. I felt something cold… like a metal lock.

“There is something under the bed, feels like a hidden door?!”

James jumped up and pushed the bed. Sure enough there was a hidden door under the bed with a lock.

James grabbed our room key and tried it in the lock. Surprisingly, it worked. The lock popped open and we opened the door.

Suddenly, the power flickered off and we heard a chain rattling.

“Hello, is someone there?”

We heard the noise again, but no answer.

James: “I’m going down there.”

“Be careful.”

When he hit the bottom of the ladder, I couldn’t see him any longer. “James, what do you see down there?”

“Ahhhh…. run! Get out of here.”

I screamed. Running for the door grabbing the truck keys on my way out. The motel clerk was standing in my door way when I opened the door making this evil laughing noise. I shoved him and jumped in the truck. Ripping out of the parking lot. Crying my way to the next city before I stopped at a police station to tell them about James.


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