ROSEBIGShe began jumping on the bed teasing him as she stroked her cock. *Blows Raspberries* “Mine is bigger than yours!”

He laughed and thought to himself how sex she looked with that cock. His mind began to wonder to her perfectly curved behind as he walked over to the edge of the bed.

She stopped bouncing and wiggled her cock in front of him and smacked it on his chest.

He reached up and grabbed the cock. Spitting on it before taking the entire cock into his mouth.

She watched carefully as he took more into his mouth than she ever imagined. “You look good with my cock in your mouth” she said to him.

He eagerly continued sucking that cock like a champ. His cock grew hard with each and every deep stroke.

She stopped him and got on her knees. They were eye to eye. She kissed him deeply and threw her arms around him. She was so happy that he finally felt comfortable enough to allow her this fantasy.

He kissed her back and climbed onto the bed. He got on all fours with his ass in the air.

She crawled up behind him and began to nibble on his ass. He squirmed and laughed. She started to lick his asshole. He jerked away at first, but then he relaxed. Slowly she was able to insert one finger and then two.

He sighed and moaned the entire time. Purely enjoying every moment.

She reached over and grabbed the lube to squirt all over her cock and gave it a good stroke before she slapped it in between his cheeks. And then slowly she pushed to insert it.


He relaxed as she began to thrust inside him. Her pussy was dripping by this time. She felt as if it were actually her inside him.

He moaned as she reached around and stroked his cock while thrusting inside of him. His cock throbbed the entire time. He yelled out “Oh yeah, baby. Fuck my ass.”

This made her even hotter. She moved faster. Taking deeper and longer thrusts.

“Oh, god!” He said as he ejaculated all over her hand.

Her pace slowed down as she licked the cum from her hand and smeared some on his back as she pulled out of him.

They laid cuddling in complete subspace. Both of them breathing heavily. Both of them completely exhausted.


Thank you Sex with Rose for letting me use this image for Exhibit A’s Sinful Sunday writing competition.

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