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*Telephone Rings.*

Bill rolls over and picks up the phone.


“Bill, we need you to come into work right away. The Leopard Girl has escaped.” said Mr. Wilkinson.

“I’ll be right there.”

Bill rushed to dress himself then reached under the bed and pulled out a black box. Grabbing his keys that were on his bedside and unlocking it. Inside was a tranquilizer gun and some darts. He loaded up and rushed out the door in search of this Leopard Girl.

When he reached the city, he parked and set off on foot. Near by the building she has escaped from, he found a blood trail. He carefully followed it, which it lead to a trail into the woods. As he crept up to an opening, she was sitting there on a large stone.

He was taken back by her beauty. She had long dark hair. Tattoos of spots all over her entire body. Her eyes were very cat like.

She sat there grooming herself on the wound that is on her hand.

He slowly put away his weapon and grabbed the rag on his side as he walked toward her.

She paused and looked at him.

Eye contact was made. His heart was racing as was hers.

He grabbed for her hand slowly and padded the rag onto the wound before tying it tightly around her palm.

She began to purr and rub on his chest with her face. His hand touched her face and looked into her eyes. He wanted to kiss her.

She leaped up and pounced on him. Knocking him down to the ground. Continuing to purr down his chest and into his crotch.

Her warm breath made his cock grow hard.

She unbuttoned his pants and took him into her mouth. Slurping and sucking. Licking and stroking. Purring the entire time.

They rolled until she was on her back. He slid inside of her. It wasn’t hard since she was already wet and naked. Her claws dug into his back as he pushed inside her. Deeper, harder, and fast until he cam inside of her.

She purred as they laid side by side under the trees. They looked at the stars together until they heard some dogs barking and nearing.

Quickly Bill dressed and considered his options. He could tell her to come with him or he could turn in.

“Come with me. You can stay at my place. No one shall find you there.”

They hurried to his truck and jumped inside. Driving off into the night.


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