Her and I had been standing there talking. It seemed like hours. Lilith reached up and grabbed my face pulling me close until our lips touched. The kiss was a deep seductive kiss. One that made my whole body tingle.

I’d never kissed another women before and it overwhelmed with many intense feelings. Feelings of excitement, fear, and ecstasy. I kissed her back and we began using our tongues on one another. Sliding them in and out of each other’s mouth. My whole body trembled. Excited by all the overwhelming feelings, I eagerly invited her to my room.

Lilith lead me up the stairs by hand. She walked in such a way I could see how voluptuous her ass was. It was bouncing from right to left, barely covered by her black mini. I wondered what was underneath that skirt.

When we, finally,  reached the door, I opened it and escorted her inside. Closing the door behind us. I turned to look at her, and before I could turn all the way around she was kissing me again. Her warm tongue was inside my mouth, both of us were moaning with extreme pleasure. She grabbed at my top and pulled it up and off. There I was, standing in a jean skirt and a black lace bra. My heart was beating so fast, I could not help but draw her closer and kiss her back.

She was wearing a red top with a zipper front and a black mini. I slowly began to unzip her. There she was, standing in a black bra and black mini. Her body was perfect. Her very light skin that was very smooth, curves in the right places, and a perfect C cup set of breasts that were extremely firm. I began to move my kisses down her neck, onto her shoulders, and finally down to her breast. Then I came back up to continue kissing her mouth.

She reached down under my skirt.  I could hear the thrill of her excitement upon finding out there were no panties under there. Her fingers were brushing against my shaven, bare pussy. Her hand provided warmth that my body was aching for. Her fingers brushed against my clit and began rubbing. I was already extremely wet. She took her hand out and brought her fingers to her mouth and licked them clean. After which she couldn’t help but kiss me. She pushed me down onto the bed. I scooted up to rest my head on the pillows. I was very nervous and yet so eager to do this.

She got on top of me and began kissing my mouth, then down my neck. She made her way to my breast, pulling the cups to the side to reveal my nipples which were already erect. She licked it, swirling her tongue around it, then sucking it, and then she began to nibble on it. The whole time rubbing her hands up and down my stomach and womanly curves. Then she proceeded down the middle of my stomach with her tongue, reaching my belly button. Swirling her tongue around inside of it. Then she gave me light kisses the rest of the way down. Finally she was there; she spread my legs open, revealing my pussy. It was bright pink and already dripping wet. My clit was throbbing, wanting to feel her warm tongue on it.

Then her tongue began to lick my clit. Spreading open my labia and licking in between. She began sucking on my clit. This was unlike I had ever had before. She slowly put in one finger and began thrusting it in and out. Then she began working it up to two fingers. I moaned and wiggled with extreme pleasure. She was really good at this!

And then it was my turn. I had never eaten pussy before. I proceeded to take off her bra and thong as she leaned back onto the pillows. I grabbed both of her breasts, going back and forth between both of them. Licking, sucking, and nibbling on both of her nipples. She laid there Her body was trembling. I could tell it was the anticipation for my tongue to hit her pussy.

I wanted to tease her longer, make her wait. So I kissed and nibbled on her curves. Then, licking my way around to her belly button. Remembering the unique feeling of when she swirled inside of mine, I decided to do the same to her. She was biting her lip with a look of pleasure in her eyes. I kissed the rest of the way down, spreading her open, revealing her beautiful hot pink pussy.

I started off by licking her clit. I started licking so lightly she could barely feel it until I couldn’t take it anymore and I buried my face so deep inside of her pussy that I could barely breathe. I wiggled my face from side to side. My tongue flickering on her clit, placing one finger inside of her pussy. Thrusting it in and out; working her open enough for me to place two fingers inside of her. He cum covered my face and I laid to the right side of her exhausted. We lay there together, cuddling and eventually fell asleep. When I awoke, she was gone. There was a note on my pillow saying….

“Thanks for last night, it was great.”
Love Lilith

I was so disappointed. No number. No way to contact her. Lilith was just gone.

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