After reading Karen’s Bloggers, please post, I thought about writing my own. I read a great deal of blogs and whenever I end up with a new follower on twitter who has a website that is listed – I always visit it. I mentioned in the comments to Karen that….

Your design is your first impression on your readers. Make it a good one!

I wholeheartedly mean this statement. I’ve opened up a number of links only to close them in less than 5 seconds. Mostly I close them because something with the layout makes the site a pain to read. I question to whether the designer even looked at the layout before deciding that’s how it would be, though, just because I stay on your site longer doesn’t mean I don’t have a pet peeve about the layout. Let’s discuss these pet peeves of mine.

    • Bright background colors –  Your background color for your content needs to be easy on the eyes. Having a white background doesn’t necessarily mean that your background is easy on the eyes. Some shades of white are really bright.
    • Dark background colors with white font – Having a black background with white font isn’t always easy to read. Black is extremely dark while white is bright. This makes the white font blur when you read for long periods of time and this hurts your eyes.
    • Endless Scrolling – You might think it looks cute to have your site just continue to scroll endlessly or think it is nice to have everything all on one page, but I am annoyed if I spend too much time scrolling. I’d rather wait for a page to load than get stuck scrolling for however long it takes to find something interesting. This also applies to those who have extremely long list, like category or tag list, on the side bar that makes your long a mile long. Also, having a “back to the top” almost guarantees that I’ll investigate your site more because it’s easier for me to get back up to your menu rather than scrolling over everything I just looked at, which most of the time I am too lazy to do.
    • Having to sign in to comment – I’m definitely not going to do it and guess what? I am not the only person. You are missing out on comments because people are too lazy to sign in or having to create accounts for everything is annoying. Yes, I know spam is annoying too. I get over 300+ spam comments a day. This brings up Disqus. Some people love it. It cuts back on spam, the layout is nice, and you can sign in with twitter, facebook, etc. However, there are some people who flat-out refuse to use Disqus. Do you really want to miss comments over a comment system?
    • Not having a search bar – I’m not sure how this one gets missed by so many people. A search bar should be one of the first items placed on the sidebar if it isn’t part of the overall theme. If I read a post by you for the first time, chances are I am going to look for your search bar and try to find another post to see if I like your style. I can’t do that without a search bar. Sure, I could look at your home page and go back pages, but chances are I won’t do that because I will get bored checking page after page for something I want to read. Also, put it in a place I can find it! I’ve come across a few blogs that had the search bar hidden under banners and multiple links, which hides it. A search bar is a way for your readers to continue reading on, if they can’t find it – they might not read on.
    • Odd colored fonts even for links – For the most part, your font should be #000. Unless you are using a dark background, then of course, you need a lighter font. Links would be the exception as you want them to stand out. Don’t make them some blinding color you can’t read against the background. Be sure the color flows well with the rest of the layout.
    • Unreadable Fonts – Your content is the most important part of your site, so please make sure I can read it. Cursive fonts are cute and they are okay for headers and titles, but your actual content should be a plain font that is easy to read.
    • Follow Buttons –  If I like your site, I am going to want to follow you. Make sure there is at least one way to do this and make sure it is easy to find on your site because I will not hunt it down.
    • Contact Page/Social Medias – Whenever I pick out my “Monthly Favorite Images” I sometimes comes across a site I end up having to leave a comment at because there is no other way to contact the owner of the content. Chances are there is someone who wants to reach out to you in some way, so please have some way for them to reach you. And for heaven’s sake… GET ON TWITTER! Where else are you gonna met the cool people?
    • Pop ups/Age Verification’s/ Etc – Please stop having pop ups! Those age verification pop ups FREAK out my smart phone while browsing. They do this to the point where my phone gets hot and the browser crashes. Guess, what? That means I won’t be looking at your site while I am sitting at the doctor’s office waiting for 2 hours or while I am in the car traveling to meet family which is another 2 hours. Having to agree that you are of legal age to enter the site by pressing okay or even entering a date of birth really doesn’t work. Those who are underage who want to look at your site still will. You are just inconveniencing everyone else in the process. Adding a warning on the sidebar will provide warning enough.
    • Sidebar banners not aligned or even fitted nicely – There is this awesome thing called a table.  These can position banners or images in rows and columns. Try it! Don’t forget to align all the images/banners the same way. Having a cluster of banners of all different sizes put on your sidebar or footer looks sloppy. Also make sure they fit within the width of the sidebar because overhang tends to look sloppy.

I apologize if I sound like I am singling out your site. This is not my intention. If you like your site and it falls within one or more of these pet peeves for me – you shouldn’t care. After all, I am just one person among many and you do your own blogging for yourself. My opinion should in no way make you feel bad or angry because it is just my opinion. My intentions behind writing this post is purely to share what my pet peeves are especially after I mentioned about my writing of it – people were excited to read it. My intentions were not to make people rethink their entire website layouts and make adjustments according to what I like. As I said, your blogging is about you and you should design your site just how you like it.

Free Digital Photos

Free Digital Photos

If you decide you want to make changes and would like to seek out my help you should contact me on twitter or send me an email. I am almost always available and I’m more than happy to answer questions when someone ask for help. I’d also like to mention, that if you can’t seem to figure something out for yourself – reach out to someone and ask. Mr. Will is a great person to reach out to if you need help with CSS and HTML. I ask for his help often.  Dom Signs (spouse of Molly’s Daily Kiss) is another person to reach out to for help especially if you need more than CSS and HTML help. He’s a man who really knows his trade. When my site was in some serious trouble – he’s who put it all back together. If you insist on doing everything on your own, Google is your friend. For the most part, you can find a plugin (for wordpress) that does what you want to, but some things will need coding. Be sure to Google what you are looking for because chances are someone else posted it on a forum and you can find the coding yourself.

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