The first thing that came to mind for this prompt was a comment Penny made….

Sometimes my partner and I don’t have sex for a week. Or two. We’ve been together for 6 years. We still have to work at it.

Why? Well because of that last sentence.

DSC02096I don’t particularly talk about the negative things within our relationship. My site mostly covers experiences with adult products, my photography, and the positive things within my relationship. Somehow people draw the conclusion that we are the perfect couple who don’t have issues. We fuck like rabbits. We fulfill each others deepest desires. We are everything together.

This simply isn’t true. Just like every other couple, we still have to work at it. We’ve been together just shy of 8 years now. He works long hours. I home school my son, take care of the house, go to college, and manage time for my sanity. Sometimes there just isn’t time for us. We both get frustrated with the lack of us time. We both get frustrated with one another. We both are stubborn. We both like to win the argument. We both try to get the last word in. We both love each other dearly, but sometimes we can’t stand to even talk to each other. That’s okay. Relationships are hard. Living with someone is hard. Dealing with the stress of the day and the stress of not making enough time to enjoy yourself let alone your partner is hard.

That’s where communication comes into the equation. Sometimes we talk it out, other times we are just too tired and we forget all about it and cuddle to sleep. There are times we both get so heated within the discussion that we can’t discuss anything with each other at all. I end up outside of the front porch or walking because I need some air. Our deal is that we never go to bed angry with one another. We don’t. Usually we aren’t mad at each other long enough to even worry about it and if we are… somehow we end up dry humping and then fucking out the argument.

Communication is extremely important within any relationship. The willingness to express things to one another will make an impact on your relationships with those you love. If you love someone, express it even if expressing leads to a heated discussion. Remember: you will only get angry about things that you really care about! Also remember that communication isn’t just about talking things out. It covers any way you might communicate with someone (body language, emotions, etc).

Wicked Wednesday

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