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It was late in the evening and they were headed for bed. Graham has undressed himself down to his light-colored boxer briefs.

Sarah stood by and watched. She had an evil grin on her face and she watched him unbutton his pants and thought about the taste of his cock.

“What?” Graham said to Sarah as he caught her staring at him with that grin.

Swindow3arah walked over to the dresser. Opened up the top drawer. Pulling out a set of black leather cuffs. She walked over to Graham. Circling him. Then thrusting him up against the window from behind. She whispered in his ear…” I want  you, my way.” She lifted one hand up over his head and secured the cuff around him, slid the chain over the curtain rod, and cuffed the other hand.

Graham stood there just waiting for what she was going to do next. He was already growing hard just thinking about what she would do to him.

Sarah kissed on his shoulders. Nibbling on his neck. Cupping his perfectly round ass before she reached down the boxers pulling them down enough for her to admire his beautiful ass. She stepped back so she could take in the entire view.

Graham’s cock was peeking out of the boxers and pressing up against the cool window. He thought to himself … “I hope the neighbor isn’t decide to take out his garbage right now.”

Sarah was back in that dresser fumbling around until Graham heard “There we go.”

Graham couldn’t turn enough to see more than her shadow coming closer to him. He felt the coolness of her hands brush against his ass.

Sarah got down onto her knees and removed the boxers completely. She cupped and pulled at his ass. Separating his cheeks so she could lick his asshole.

Graham jumped and giggled because it tickled him, but soon he was relaxed enough.

Sarah began sticking her fingers into his ass. She loved how squishy and warm he felt around her finger.

Graham bite his lip and moaned with her thrusting. He cock was even harder now.

Once Graham’s ass invited her third finger inside – she knew he was ready.

She stood up and slid into her black leather harness. She adjusted it quickly and reached for her cock and lube. She attached her cock and stroked lube all over it. She smacked at Graham’s ass asking him “Are you ready?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

She pushes up against him and wiggled her cock on the outside.

Graham sighed and moaned with anticipation.

Sarah thrusted her cock inside of him slowly as she wrapped her hands around his hips.

Graham grunted at first but as soon as all of her cock was inside him he begin to moan.

Her cock filled his ass and with every thrust her pussy moistened. Nothing turned her on more than fucking Graham in the ass. Well other than watching someone else fuck Graham in the ass. Her mind wandered to that time his friend Troy spent the weekend over and she got to watch and film them. Her pace quickened as she thought about Troy’s thick cock filling Graham’s ass and her face in between them licking both of their balls.

Graham begin to scream…”I’m going to cum.”

Sarah smacked his ass and quickened her pace even more. “You cum and  you are going to have to clean up the mess.”

It was too late. Graham couldn’t hold it anymore. He had spewed his cum all over the window.

Sarah felt a drip land on her foot. She stopped. Withdrawing her cock from his ass. She unhooked the cuffs and grabbed the back of his head. Pushing him down to her foot…”Lick it up.”

Graham obliged to her command.

Sarah seem the rest on the window. So she grabbed him again. Pulling him over to the window. “This window better be spotless.”

Graham licked his creamy cum off the window. He loved eating his own cum. He loved that Sarah always wanted him to eat his cum.

“Now, it is my turn to cum.” Sarah walked over to the bed and laid on her back. “Get over here and eat my pussy until I cum on your face. You don’t get to stop until I cum”

Graham never turned down a chance to eat Sarah’s pussy. He rushed right over to the bed and laid between her thighs. Shoving his face right in her pussy.

She was already incredibly wet. Her juice covered his face almost instantly. She was creamy and sweet.

Sarah always loved how Graham ate her pussy. He always seemed to know exactly what she wanted.

His tongue swirled around her clit and then moved right to left on her clit. He stuck two fingers inside her and scratched at her frontal wall. His other hand reached up and pulled at her nipple.

Sarah moaned. Her juices were really following out of her pussy.

Graham kept making “Mmmmm….” sounds as he ate her pussy.

Sarah pushed the back of his head deeper into her pussy and wiggled her hips at her own pace.

Graham knew this meant she was close so he went with her lead.

Her grip on his hair tightened and she screamed. Gushing fluid covered Graham’s face and poured onto the bed.

Sarah exhaled and sighed with relief.

Graham smiled and kissed her pussy. After he wiped the juice from his face all over her thighs before crawling up next to her for them to cuddle to sleep.

Wicked Wednesday

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