ID-10089819After a long day at the office, he was finally home. Walking in the door he was greeted by his cat. He poured himself a drink and sat gazing out the window as the cat laid on his lap purring.

“Mr. Jingles, I need a lady friend.” He said as he sipped his drink and petted the cat.

Mr. Jingles purred and meowed up at him before jumping off his lap.

He kicked his feet up onto his coffee table and realized his laptop was right there. He quickly grabbed it and thought about what to search for.

“I haven’t had much luck on dating sites and I’m not really looking for anything serious. I could always hire an escort.” He thought to himself.

In his search he came upon Peachy Escorts. There was a beautiful brunette on the home page who caught his attention. He pulled up her profile and liked what he saw.

Mr. Jingles jumped back up on his lap.

“Mr. Jingles, she is gorgeous isn’t she?” He said as he dialed the number to see what her plans were for the night.

She agreed to meet him at the local club where they would have some drinks and go from there.

He quickly showered and dressed his best before heading to the club. He was the first to arrive. He sat there at the bar waiting for her to arrive. He watched the door with anticipation so he could greet her like a gentleman.

In she walked wearing a sparkly pink dress that showed off her amazing curves. She was even more beautiful in person. He stood up and offered her the stool next to him.

“Wow. You look amazing.” He said to her.

“Why aren’t you a gentleman. Thank you, Sir.” She said as she sat down and crossed her legs.

“Can I get you anything?”

“Club soda, please.”

He nodded and asked the bartender for a club soda.

“So what do you do for a living?” She asked him.

“I’m a pharmaceutical consultant.” He said.

She smiled saying “that sounds interesting.”

“It really isn’t, but I get to travel a lot.”

“Ahh… that explains why gentleman like yourself is still single.” She said as she sipped her club soda.

He laughed. “Yes, there isn’t much time to focus on dating.”

The continued with their conversation and it went well. He talked about his co-workers that he travels with and Mr. Jingles while she talked about her cat Snowball she had when she was a child. They were surprised to find out they liked the same things… Whiskey, massages, hiking, and more Whiskey.

As the night continued on, he finally got up enough nerve to ask her “would you like to go to my apartment?”

She smiled and stood up. Grabbing his hand to lead the way to the valet.

On the car ride to his apartment, not many words were exchanged. Both of them kept their eye on the road. He was nervous. She seemed to have confidence in where the night was headed.

When they pulled up to the building, she said “Wow. This place is really nice. What floor do you live on?”

“The 22nd.”

“Oh my. Did I mention that I am not a fan of heights?”

“You are going to love the view.” He said as they parked.

He quickly rushed out of his door and circled around to her to open the door for him.

They walked inside and waited for the elevator. Once inside the elevator, she leaned against him and kissed him. He kissed her back. She rubbed up against him as she begin to kiss down his neck. Then she turned around, pushing her ass up against him. He nibbled on her bare shoulders.

She whispered “Unzip me.”

As the zipper was completely unzipped, the elevator door bell dinged.

She held her dress up as they walked over to his door.

Quickly he unlocked it and opened the door. She rushed inside. Dropping her dress right there.

He closed the door behind him and wrapped his arms around her. Pushing her up against the door. Cupping her breast and kissing her neck.

She had kept her clutch in her hands, so she reached inside and pulled out a condom before reaching down to remove his belt and unbutton his pants. The tore open the condom and slid it on him.

Once it was on him, he thrusted inside her as he lifted her up against the door. They both moaned as they continued their sloppy kisses.

He stumbled a bit from his pants still being around his ankles as she turned to set her on the table next to the door. Once she was on the table, he kicked off his shoes and pants as fast as he could.

His cock thrusted back inside her and asked her “Rub your clit for me?”

She licked her hand and gently started to rub her clit.

“I love to watch you touch yourself.”

She smiled and continued rubbing her clit as she pulled on her nipple with the other hand.

He was quickening his pace as he drew closer to orgasm.

She was about to cum too.

He squinted and bit his lip and he filled that condom with his cum.

She shouted…”I’m cumming.”

Both of them panting heavily as they dressed.

“I had a wonderful time. Here is my card for you to call me again.”

“I had a great time too. I will see you when I get back from France in a month. Thank you for a wonderful evening.” He said as he paid her for her time.

They kissed one last time before he closed the door behind her.

When he turned around, there was Mr. Jingles happy to see he was finally home.

This post was brought to you by Peachy Escorts. Image credited to Free Digital Photos.

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