Spike-Season-5-Promos-spike-22267508-492-500After a long day, sometimes there is nothing better than a long walk. I shut the door behind me and headed out for a walk. It was a cool night. I could see my breath when I exhaled. I wandered through the cemetery as it was a short cut home.

A voice in the shadows spoke out… “You shouldn’t be out this time of night all alone, pet.”

He stepped out of the shadows. He was pale with platinum blonde hair. He wore a black trench coat with black boots and black jeans. His shirt was fitted to his body and tucked behind his belt buckle.

“You startled me, Spike.”

He chuckled. “Oh I’m going to do a lot more than that to you.” He rushed over to me. Scooping me up off of my feet. Kissing as if it had been the only thing we both thought about all day.

He tasted like whiskey and cigarettes. His skin was cold, but comforting. My body brushing up against him as we grunted together.

“Will you come back to my crypt tonight?”

He didn’t even have to ask. After he set me down, I grabbed his hand and lead the way. Rushing into the door, we both pulled off our clothes as fast as possible. We never did reach the bed before we began touching and kissing each other. His tongue traced down my neck and onto my breast and stomach.

“I must taste you.” As he began kissing my inner thigh until he reached my pussy. Kissing my vulva before tasting my juices. They filled his mouth.

I arched and moaned as my body filled with warmth and arousal.

“I thought about the way you tasted all day.” He said to me as he crawled back up to kiss me.

His cock thrusted inside me as he pulled my body closer to his. We kissed as his cock filled my pussy.

“I love to feel the warmth of your body against mine.” He whispered onto my neck. Nibbling so lightly.

I twisted to roll him over. Mounting him. Riding him as hard and fast as I could. Looking into his eyes as he pulled down on my body. Both of us huffing and puffing. Twitching as we grew closer to orgasm.

I gushed all over his cock.

He groaned. His cock twitching as his cum filled my pussy.

Both of us sighed with relief. We separated. I paused only to catch my breath before jumping up to gather my clothes. Quickly dressing so I could head back home.

“So you’re not staying then?”

“I’ll see you another time. I know where to find you.”

He smirked and chuckled as I walked out the door.


 Image credited to Fan Pop.

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