FotoFlexer_Photo1I leaned over and pushing my face against his neck. Kissing on his neck. Breathing on him. Giving him goosebumps.

Whispering to him… “I’ve been thinking about your cock in my mouth all day”.

His goosebumps grew to the point where the hairs on his neck stood up.

I moistened my lips and kissed behind his ear and down his neck. Only to lick right back up to his ear.

Whispering to him…”Don’t you want to your cock in my mouth?” as I nibbled on his shoulder.

“You have to beg for my cock.” He said to me.

I dropped down to my knees. Crawling over to his feet. “Please, Daddy. I want to have your cock in my mouth. I want to feel it grow inside me. Twitching until you fill my mouth with your cum.”

He reached down and lifted up my chin. “Keep begging.”

“Please give me your cock and feed me your cum. I want it. I need it.”

He loved hearing just how much I needed his cock.

“Say it again.”

“I want your cock. I need your cock.”

“What else?”

“I want your cum. I need your cum.”

“Do you think you deserve my cock?”

“Only if you say I do, Daddy.”

He unzipped his pants and pulled his already hard cock out. Stroking it in front of my face.

I watched him. Enjoying watching the skin from his shaft pull over his head with each stroke. His cock veins growing in front of me. It made me want, no need, his cock even more.

He lifted his cock up and his balls, setting his balls on my face.

“Lick my balls.”

I stuck out my tongue and licked them. Sucking on his skin. Taking what I could fit into my mouth. Running my tongue over his balls as they are in my mouth.

He continued stroking his cock. Quicker and Quicker before pulling back so that I could no longer tongue his balls.

He reached down and tapped on my jaw with his fingers saying “open wide”.

I dropped my jaw. Opening my mouth as wide as I could.

He stepped closer and pushed his cock down into my throat.

I gagged a little. Pushing back on him. He pushed farther down. I began to salivate all over his cock. He pulled back to allow me to relax my throat before pushing his cock deep down my throat. This time thrusting and pulling out. I gagged as he pulled out. This time he stroked his cock as I relaxed my throat. Smacking his cock against my lips. I could see his cock twitching as he quickened his pace. Cum started to leak from his cock. Dripping onto my chin.

At first it was just a drop. Then two, but before I knew it the warmth of him cum coated my tongue.

“Open wide so I can see my cum in your mouth.”

I opened wide and stuck out my tongue. Showing him exactly what he asked for before swallowing his cum.

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