After their date night, they headed back home. Rushing into the door and off to the bedroom. He sat on the bed.

She lifted off her top over her head. Twisting and thrusting her hips to the music as she dropped her skirt.

He sat on the edge of the bed watching as she danced for him.

She cupped her breast and bit her lip. Running her hands up and down her body before pulling off her boy shorts and tossing them at him.

He sniffed them. He loved her sweet smell after a days long wearing.

He laid back saying “Sit here, please” as he pointed to his face.

She walked over to the bed. Crawled over him and planted her ass on his face.

He pulled her legs apart and stuck his tongue inside her pussy.

She moaned.

Juices flowed down his tongue.

She wiggled.

His head wiggled with her.

His tongue still licking her pussy. Juices still flowing down his tongue.

She cupped her breast. Pulling on her nipples as she enjoyed him pleasing her.

Eventually, he tapped on her thigh. Tapping out.

She slid off his face and onto the bed. Crawled beside him and removed his belt. Unbutton his pants. Exposing his already hard cock. She licked just the tip before taking him all the way into her mouth. Getting him just wet enough for her to mount him.

His hands gripped her hips. He pulled her closer to him as she began to grind on him.

She quickened her pace. Clenched her pelvic floor muscles.

He pawed at her. Pulling on her breast. Licking her nipples. Biting them. Thrusting his cock inside her until her couldn’t hold back anymore. His cum began leaking. He pushed her down onto him.

She felt the warmth of his cum fill her pussy when she stopped.

She climbed off of him and cupping her pussy to collect his cum as it gush out of her.

She couldn’t waste his cum. She licked it up from her hand. Stuck her fingers inside her pussy. Pulling out more of his juice. Eating that off her fingers too.

“Good girl. That’s the way you should clean up our mess.” He said as he watched her.

Image credited to free digital photos.

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