ID-10086000He awoke to the birds singing and the sunshine. His cat, Snowball, was sitting in the window above his bed. Chattering at the birds. He walked over to Snowball. Patted him on the head.

“It’s a nice day to head to the beach. Huh, Snowball.”

Snowball stood and stretched. Letting out a meow.

After he freshened up for the day, he grabbed his laptop. Searching for Escorts & Babes.

Browsing through the list of possibilities for companionship for the day, he settled on a petite blonde. He picked up the phone and dialed her number.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

“Hello. This is Lucy.”

“Hi, Lucy. How are you this fine morning?”

“I’m great, love. How about you?”

“I’m looking for someone to head to the beach with. Are you available for a few hours?”

“Going to the beach sounds like a wonderful day. Can you pick me up in an hour?”

“Fantastic. I’ll be there in an hour. I’ll be driving a white SUV. By the way, I’m Frank.”

Time seemed to fly by, before he knew it… he was running a few minutes behind.

When he pulled up to her address, she was standing outside. Wearing a full length white dress with a light blue bikini underneath. He stepped out of the car and opened the door for her to get in the car.

“Such a gentleman.” She said as stepped into the car.

He gave her a coy smile as he closed the door. Running back to the driver seat.

They had some small talk in the brief car ride before arriving to a private beach area.

He parked the car. They both got out of the car. He walked toward the back and opened the door. Pulling out a blanket and towels.

“Nice to see you were prepared. I didn’t even think about bringing a towel.”

“You can’t go to the beach without being prepared to get wet.” He said as he lead the way to the sand.

Once they found the perfect spot, he flipped out the blanket and set the towels to the side. He kicked off his shoes.

“I love the feeling of warm sand on my feet.”

Lucy pulled her dress over her head and dropped it on the blanket. Kicked off her sandals. “Me too. It’s been awhile since I was at the beach.” She reached out her hand for his and lead the way to the water.

“Ohhh… that’s cold.” She said as she brushed up against him. Wrapping her legs around him.

He leaned in and kissed her.

She kissed back. Grinding on him. She reached her hand down into his pants. Stroked his cock.

He floated closer to the shore.

She drifted with him.

Right up on the shore they continued kissing.

His kisses moved down her neck.

She leaned forward and reached for her bag. Pulling out a condom. Tearing it open quickly before kissing down his chest and pulling down his pants. She covered  his erect cock with the condom and mounted him.

His hands traveled  up her body. Cupping her breast. Pulling down on them as he moved with her.

The waves rushed over his feet. Sand was everywhere, but this didn’t distract them.

Her pace quickened. Her nipples grew more erect. She screamed and moaned as she gushed with fluid all over him.

He grabbed her hips. Pulling her to his left as he climbed on top of her. Thrusting his cock inside her.

Her eyes rolled back in her head. Her legs wrapped up around him.

Holding himself up above her, his thrust got deeper and quicker. He started to shake. Trembling as his orgasm grew near.

Her hands traced up his back. She dug her nails into his flesh. Pushing her feet on his backside to pull him closer to him.

His cock pushed inside her as deep as he could as he ejaculated. Moaning with release.

She sighed and laughed as she tried to catch her breath.

He rolled off of her before standing up to dress. She also dressed before they headed back to the car.

“I had a really great time. Perhaps I can be a regular?” Frank said.

“I would love to have you as a regular. I had a really nice time, Frank.”

Frank set off to take her home after compensating her for her time.


Image credited to imagerymajestic from Free Digital Photos. This post was brought to you by Escorts & Babes.

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