ID-100105147Daddy walked in the door frustrated from the work day. He rushed up against me. Gripping his hand around my neck. “What did you do today?” He said to me as he jerked me closer and pressed his open mouth over my lips.

I wasn’t sure how to react so I kept quiet as he shoved his pants down my pants. Feeling my already creamy pussy.

“Already wet are you?”

I shook my head in agreement.

“Speak up. I can’t hear you.”


“Yes what? ” He asked as his grip on my neck tightened and his face pressed against mine.  His fingers deep within me.

“Yes, Daddy. I’m already creamy.”

“Go into the room and take off your clothes.”

I listened to his instructions. He followed me into the look. Standing in the doorway watching me undress.

Once I had removed all my clothing, I wrapped my arms around my breasts and stomach. Feeling the need to hide myself from him.

“What are you doing? Don’t hide your body from me.”

I laughed.

He didn’t find it very funny. “Did you just laugh at my instructions? Don’t lie.”

“Yes, I did, Daddy.”

“You’ll regret that.” He said as he stepped from the doorway and opened the footlocker. Pulling out chains. He reached for my arms. Wrapping them in the chain. Locking it.

He pushed me back onto the bed. Kneeling before me. Spreading apart my pussy. Admiring her shine. Dipping his fingers in. Rubbing them onto my clit. His tongue flickering over his fingers and my clit.

He rose to his feet. Rolled me over. Raised his hand and smacked my ass repeatedly.

I screamed and squirmed. Each hit reddening my skin.

He pushed between my legs. Thrusting himself inside me. Fucking me as hard as he possibly could.

I could hardly catch my breath. Let alone keep up with his pace.

He started to slow down. Pushing his weight down onto me before jumping back. Pulling his cock out as his cum sprayed onto my back. He tossed me the key and a towel before leaving the room.

“Now you have to figure out how to get yourself out of those chains.” He said as he walked out of the room.



Image credited to Adamr from Free Digital Photos.

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