August 22nd is the birth date of Beck And Her Kinks. This month we celebrate the 3rd blogging anniversary. And as usual, I have planned an epic giveaway for my readers. Though, that isn’t the only good news I have.

Jamie and I are going to Woodhull. I still can’t believe it is true. I still can’t believe that I’ve managed to find a sitter for the kids, find a sitter for the dogs, and make travel arrangements to attend logo (1)the event. I’ve never attended an event like this, so I am so excited. I look forward to meeting all of you who are attending. Please reach out to me privately if you want to ensure I make time to meet you. I need to take this moment and thank Tantus. Tantus has decided that I would benefit from attending this event by selecting me for one of the scholarships. They’ve also made it possible for me to meet Heaven’s Playground in person as my travels will put me near her home. So some exciting post to come that cover these events.

Please be sure to read each section regarding information for the prize. The terms and conditions for each vary greatly, though, there is only one gleam widget. You will only be eligible for prizes that are able to be shipped to your location.


After reviewing some items from Good Clean Love and finding out the awesomeness of Good Clean Love, I asked them to sponsor the Cocoa Mint Body Candy and the Cinnamon Vanilla Lube for this giveaway. This prize is open world-wide and Good Clean Love is responsible for shipping.



I reached out to Crash Pad Series and asked if they’d be interested in sponsoring this giveaway. They have kindly offered up a free one month membership to Crash Pad Series. This prize only requires an email address from the winner so an account can be setup. Therefore it is available world-wide.


July 28th was my mom’s birthday and she told me that the only thing she wanted was a custom collar. I have one, but it was rather expensive, so I went on a hunt to find something that wouldn’t break my wallet. That’s when I found these at Ebay. I ordered her one and it arrived rather quickly. I got to handle it over the weekend and was surprised at how great the quality is for the price. So, I’m giving two away. The winners of this prize will be able to select from the available options outlined on the product page. I will order this prize and have it shipped directly to the winners. Shipping for this prize is available world-wide.


I fucking love Spunklube and I want everyone to know the awesomeness that is Spunklube, so I am giving away all three: Pink, Hybrid, and Silicone. Only this time they are the 8 oz bottles. Spunklube is responsible for shipping out this prize and have agreed to ship the prize world-wide.



After asking you all what you wanted me to giveaway for my blogging anniversary giveaway, I reached out to Lovehoney asking them if they would be interested in sponsoring lingerie for this giveaway. Not just any lingerie, though. The winner gets to select their prize from the available Lovehoney brand. I’ve done it this way to ensure you get to select the style that speaks to you and size options for everyone! Communication by email will be required for this prize. Shipping will be direct from Lovehoney and they ship to the US, UK, CAN, and AUS.


I knew I needed something insertable for this giveaway, so I reached out to Gspotlollipop. They asked me to decide between red and orange. I went with red since it is one of their limited edition colors, which means this is a 1.5″ Small Travel Pop. Shipping is available world-wide and the pop is coming directly from Gspotlollipop.


I wanted to giveaway a Liberator piece since they are not a typical prize for giveaways yet everyone wants a piece. I browsed through the SheVibe website to see the available items and the Cherry Jaz stood out to me, so I asked them if they’d be willing to sponsor the Jaz for this giveaway and they agreed. The winner gets to select the color from the available color options on SheVibe, which are subject to being in stock at the time. Shipping is limited to those within the US unless the winner is interested in paying for shipping, but SheVibe has warned me that international shipping for Liberator items is ridiculously high.


And the final raffle prize is the Je Joue Mimi Soft. Peep Show Toys was kind enough sponsor this prize. Shipping is limited to those within the US and the prize is coming directly from Peep Show Toys. The winner can have a color preference and I will relay that information to Peep Show Toys, but there is no guarantee for specific colors. Color availability will affect the color of the Mimi Soft that is shipped to the winner.

The above prizes are the only prizes you can win using the Gleam widget. These winners will be drawn at random. But I have one more prize.


I’ve been following Shoulda Wooda on Twitter for some time. I’ve grown to lust after most of the pieces of art the creator crafts, but I haven’t had the chance to try one myself, though, I have heard good things. Anyhow, I reached out and asked if Shoulda Wood would craft something special for my giveaway. The above image is the piece. Isn’t it lovely? Look at that head. The color. That texture. It looks really great. It’s a special one of kind prize so it deserves better than the usual raffle giveaway. I decided to steal this idea from Toy Meets Girl.

In order to enter to win this prize, you must come up with a creative way to wish Beck And Her Kinks a happy blogging anniversary as well as thank Shoulda Wooda.

Be creative. It can literally be anything you want. The creative entry can be published in my comments section using basic HTML. If you are having trouble, please just email beckandherkinks at gmail dot com and I will ensure your creative entry is put in the comments. On top of creating a creative entry, I want you to send out a tweet that tags @ShouldaWooda and @BeckAndHerKinks as well as links back to this giveaway. The tweet should be something like “Check out my creative entry for the giveaway from @BeckAndHerKinks & @ShouldaWooda #WinAtBecks”. Please use the hashtag #WinAtBecks as well. When you have completed both task please email me (the above mentioned email) and let me know you have completed both task. Only then will you be eligible for this prize. (For those of you not on Twitter: I will tweet the creative entry for you and you can still qualify.)For this prize, the winner will be drawn at random using a random number generator. Each entry will be assigned a unique number upon confirmation of submission. Sorry but shipping is limited to those within the US as Shoulda Wooda is responsible for shipping.

Good luck to everyone. The giveaway starts now and ends 8/30. 9 Winners will be drawn using the Gleam Widget. They will be contacted via email to claim the prizes. They will have 2 days to respond before another winner is drawn. If you have options for your prize – you will be asked in that email. A single winner will be drawn using a random number generator for the Shoulda Wooda prize. This winner will be contacted via email and will have two days to respond.

So the final list of prizes are…

  1. Good Clean Love Cocoa Mint Body Candy & Cinnamon Vanilla Lube (world-wide)
  2. Crash Pad Series One Month Subscription (world-wide)
  3.  Custom Ordered Collar (world-wide)
  4. Custom Ordered Collar (world-wide)
  5. Spunklube Pink, Hybrid, & Silicone 8 oz bottles (world-wide)
  6. Lovehoney Brand Lingerie Choice (US, UK, CAN, AUS)
  7. Red Small Travel Pop (world-wide)
  8. Liberator Jaz (world-wide but only free to US)
  9. Je Joue Mimi Soft (US)
  10. Shoulda Wooda Dildo (US)

I am linking to the widget rather than having it display because larger Gleam widgets tend to make the page load slowly.
Click Here To Enter The Giveaway.

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