Masturbation-Monday-Week-52 Cindy and Liz decided to have an all girls night. Liz recently went through a rough breakup and needed time with her bestie.

After having quite a bit of wine. Liz hopped in the bath tub. She covered her hand in shaving cream and rubbed it on her pussy. Reached for the razor and swiped up, though, she was having a difficult time.

“Cindy. Would you come in her and give me a hand?”

Cindy opened the door to see Liz’s pussy covered in shaving cream and sitting on the window ledge. “Trying to shave are you?”

“Yes. I need some help. I might have had too much wine to do this myself.”

Cindy grabbed the razor and began to finish the job for Liz. After getting every place she could see, she reached for the detachable shower head and rinsed. Checking to see how well of a job she did. Rubbing her hand against Liz to feel how good of a job she did.

Liz leaned toward Cindy as the water hit her clit. Biting her lip.

Cindy moved her hand to Liz’s clit. Rubbing it in circular motions as the water continued to beat down onto Liz.

The tow girls kissed and Cindy fingered Liz.

Cindy dropped the shower head and cupped Liz’s breast.

Liz pulled at Cindy’s top. Pulling it up over her head. Grabbing the button on her pants. Pulling them down.

Once Cindy was naked, she sat down next to Liz. Rubbing her clit until she came. Licking her fingers. She slid down onto the ground and spread Liz’s legs. Pushing her face against her pussy. Sucking up her labia while running her tongue over her clit. Forcing a finger inside Liz and then a second finger.

Liz moaned as she watched Cindy closely. “Such a pretty face in my pussy.” She said as she stroked Cindy’s hair back.

Cindy smiled before lightly using her tongue to part Liz’s labia. Working her tongue up under Liz’s clit before sucking on her clit. Meanwhile forcefully finger fucking her until Liz came on her face. She sat back and wiped her face.

Liz slid down onto the floor. Pushed Cindy back. Circled her tongue over Cindy’s nipple. Licked her way down her stomach before pushing Cindy’s legs apart. She gently rubbed her tongue on Cindy’s clit. Spitting on her and working her vagina open enough to take a finger, then two, three, and eventually enough to handle her fist. Brushing her tongue against Cindy’s clit as she fisted her.

Cindy screamed. Kicked her feet and curled her toes. She knew she was gonna cum. “I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum.” She whispered.

Liz looked up at her. Listening to her talk just made her more eager to see Cindy cum. She reached up and pinched her nipple. Pulling on it. Moving her tongue on Cindy’s clit as quickly as she could. Rotating her fist in a circular motion until fluid gushed onto her face and all over the floor. Liz pulled her fist out and softly kiss Cindy’s labia.

Cindy laid on the floor for a moment to catch her breath.

Liz crawled on the floor next to Cindy. Cuddling before getting up and heading to the bedroom.

They kissed each other goodnight.


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