ID-100336738It was some of the last few days of summer. They still hadn’t managed to make it to their summer place on the ocean. She longed to have the feeling of the sun warming her skin and breathing in the salty air as she laid out on the back porch.

It was a Friday. She’d just pulled in the driveway. Something seemed different. Usually the kids greeted her as she opened the car door. Yet there was only silence. She walked up to the door. Shoved in the key. Opening the door and reaching in for the light. That’s when she noticed the smell of rose petals. She walked in. Set her keys on the table before noticing the rose petals leading her to the bedroom. She couldn’t help but smile as she followed the petals. When she entered  the room, she seen her luggage on the bed along with a note and an envelope.


Check the envelope. See you soon.

PS: Don’t worry. The children are are at your moms.

Love you,


She grabbed the envelope and pulled out a plane ticket. She smiled. Grabbed her bags and headed for the car.

Traffic wasn’t terrible. She arrived to the airport in perfect timing. Checked her bags and boarded the plane. Sat next to the window. Excited that she would be at the ocean in just a few hours.

The plane landed on time. She managed to find her bags easily. She stepped outside the building. Turning on her cellphone so she could call for a cab. That’s when she noticed a man standing there holding a sign with her name on it. He opened the backdoor of the car and escorted her inside before he got into the drivers seat.

“I’ve been instructed to take you to the local dress shop before taking you to the beach house. Are you up for that?”

“Yes. That sounds wonderful.”

He pulled up to this little boutique. Opened her door and escorted her inside. He decided to wait in the car.

She browsed around when a younger women came out and asked. “Can I help you with anything?”

“I’m headed to my beach house. I need a bikini. Maybe a sun hat. And a dress.”

The women offered her opinion. Showing her this adorable red and black polka dotted string bikini and a black sundress.

“I really like these. I’ll take them.” Then she noticed this white hat with black trim. “And I’ll take that hat. Don’t you think it would be perfect with this dress?”

“Yes! Shall I gift wrap these or would you just like me to bag them?”

“Actually, I’m going to change right now.” She said as she headed back to the dressing room.

Everything fit perfectly. She thanked the women before leaving.

The drive from the boutique was rather short. When they pulled up, John was waiting in the driveway for her.

He opened the door. Held out his hand for her.

She stepped out and kissed him. Closed her eyes and breathed in the salty air.

He tipped the driver and thanked him for his time. As he brought in her bags.

She walked around the side of the house. Stepping onto the back porch. Stretching as she took in the environment. Kicking off her shoes. Sitting back into the tanning chair on the deck.

He opened the sliding glass door. Popped a bottle of wine and poured her a glass. Handing it over to her. “You look amazing, Libby.”

She smiled and thanked him as she took the glass. Sipping it.

He knelt down. Ran his hands up her legs. Lifting them so he could seat down with her.

She rubbed her feet on his cock.

He slid his hands up her dress. Pulling at the strings of her bikini bottoms. Pulling them off. Brushing his hands past her bush.

She ran her hands up his chest and onto his neck.

He leaned in to kiss her.

She reached for his belt. Pulling it off as fast as she could.

He pulled at the bottom of her dress. Lifting it above her head. Knocking her hat onto the ground. Reaching back for the strings for her top. He nibbled on her shoulders. Neck. Earlobes. Tossing her top to the ground.

She slid down into the chair.

He crawled on top of her. Thrusting himself inside of her. Pressing his lips onto hers. “I knew you needed a little romance. Time to just relax in the sun.” He groaned. Wrapping his hands around her bottom. Squeezing her cheeks as he continued to fuck her.

She sucked her teeth. Dug her nails into his back. Moaned into his ear. Wrapped her legs around his back. “Don’t finish just yet. Let’s move to the ledge of the porch over looking the water.”

He stood up. Kicked off his pants. Held out his hand.

She took his hand. Headed for the ledge. Leaned over the rail. She could feel the water splashing onto her face as he entered her from behind.

He growled at her. Increasing his pace. Pulling at her cheeks. Slamming her harder and harder.

“I’m gonna cum.” She kept telling him as she moved her hand to rub her hit. She tried to keep with his pace, but he was too sporadic with his thrust. She found circular motions worked best.

“Oh yeah. Baby cum for me.” He responded.

She felt flushed. Her body quivered as goosebumps covered her entire body. “Right there. Don’t stop. Don’t stop.” She barely managed to get those words out in between moans.

“Cum for me.” He repeatedly begged her.

“Oh god…” She screamed as her contracted and felt an orgasm throughout her body.

The warmth of her juices flowed down his sack.

He pulled back.

She got down onto her knees. Lifting his cock up. Licking from his sack to his head.

He grabbed her hair. Pushing her head down. Forcing her to take all of him into her mouth.

She bobbed her head. Up and down. Chocking with the force of his hand pushing down onto her. Chocking until she teared and salivated. She could feel his cock twitch. She knew it was almost time.

He eased up on her head. Pulling himself out of her throat. Stroking his cock. Beating his cock onto her face as his cum squirted out onto her.

She smiled. Enjoying the warmth of his cum on her face. Spitting what went into her mouth down her chin and neck. Rubbing it with her fingers in order to scoop it up and eat it.

“Now, that is how you show appreciation.” He said.

She laughed. Rose to her feet. Leaped over the rail and climbed into the water. “Come join me.” She said as she swam away out into the sunset.

Image credited to FreeDigitalPhotos.Net contributor alexisdc.




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