ID-100208284Henry invited Tim over for dinner after their discussion regarding Stacy. See, Stacy shared a desire to be watched while she sucks cock. Little did Stacy know this fantasy would come true.

Stacy prepared dinner. Deciding that they would go with grilled chicken, potato salad, green beans. Letting everything simmer on low heat while she quickly dressed for the dinner. As she was applying her lipstick, she heard them talking as they wanted into the house.

She walked out and set the table. They ate and had some small talk  during dinner. Whole time Henry had a grin on his face.

Once they were done eating, Stacy grabbed some beers for everyone as they moved into the living room.

“So, Tim and I had a discussion today.”

Stacy replied. “Ohhh?”

Tim spoke up. “Yes we did.”

Stacy had a confused expression on her face. “Well, are you going to continue?”

Henry sipped his beer and laughed as he set it down next to him. He reached for his belt buckle and undid his pants. Pulled out his cock.

“Get over her and get onto your knees. Suck my cock while Tim watches.”

She pushed the coffee away from the couch. Got down onto her knees and put his cock into her mouth.

Tim watched. Watched her head go up and down. Watched her tongue trail up his shaft and around the head before taking all of him into her throat. Watched her struggle to keep her hair back.

Henry pulled her hair back. Holding onto it as he guided her head down. Forcing her to take all of him.

She gagged. Spit rolled down her chin as he pulled her hear up by her hair.

“I’m impressed. She can take all of you in.” Tim exclaimed.

Stacy continued sucking his cock. Staying focused on making Henry cum so she can swallow his cum.

Henry pulled her back. Making it so she couldn’t reach his cock anymore. He signal to Tim to come over here.

Tim stood up. Unbuttoned his pants. Pulled out his cock. He was already hard. He reached down and grabbed her by the chin.

She grabbed his cock and guided it into her mouth.

He pushed her head down.

She couldn’t relax enough to take all of him.

He pulled back.

She coughed out. “You’re slightly bigger than I expected.”

He took her by the chin with the other hand. With one on her chin and one pulling her hair back. Pushing her head down until she finally relaxed enough to take him into her throat. He held her there. Thrusting into her throat. Making her gag. Strings of spit pulled from her mouth to his cock each and every time he pulled out.

She laughed. Smiling has he beat his cock onto her tongue.

Henry rose to his feet. He had been watching her sucking Tim’s cock. Stroking his cock to stay hard.

Tim turned Stacy’s head. Guided it onto Henry’s cock then back to his.

Both of them stroking their cocks furiously.

Tim groaned. His cock twitched as cum slowly squirted from his cock down onto her tongue.

She moaned. Holding her mouth open waiting for him to finish before swallowing.

Henry growled.

She seen him clench up. Knowing his orgasm was close.

He let out moan of release as his cum shot out of his cock. Some landing on her tongue, but most covering her cheek and chin.

She used her fingers to swipe up the cum around her mouth. Licking up her fingers. Not wasting a single drop.

Image credited to FreeDigitalPhotos by stockimages.



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